Our Mission

“Nurturing lifelong learners…”

Our mission at Asnani School is to provide a safe, secure and supportive environment to each student and develop him/her into a lifelong learner. Learning is essential to the holistic development of the human mind, body and soul. It enhances self-worth and confidence. To be successful in all spheres of life, learning should never stop.

Our Philosophy

“Learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. If we can teach our students how to learn, we have actually done our job well because we have equipped them for life.”
At Asnani School we create an atmosphere which stimulates and empowers individuals to acquire knowledge, value and skills that they will require throughout their lifetimes. It helps them to adapt to all circumstances, roles and environment with confidence. As a school, we are aware that our students have to adapt themselves to an ever-changing world. To equip our students with the basic values of life that will keep them in good stead throughout their lives has always been our moto. We also encourage are teachers to be ‘learning teachers’. It helps them to foster creativity in their teaching methods & face challenges with ease.